Technical Support

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Technical Support

  • We can understand your difficulty about how to get started with Google Cloud without expertise.
  • As Google Cloud Premier Partner and Managed Service Provider, we are here to hep you get started with Google Cloud easily. With engineer and expert who are certified Google Cloud, our team are ready to support you in native language, and we use Backlog as a management tool to help you set shared knowledge or experience.
  • We also work with Google team often to make your cloud journey successfully.
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Admin SDK

Google App Engine

Google Apps Platform

Google Apps Adm in Settings API

Google Apps Calendar Resource API

Google Apps Email Audit API

Google Apps Email Migration API

Google Apps Email Settings API

Google Apps Groups Migration API

Google Apps Groups Settings API

Google Apps Marketplace

Google Apps Reports API

Google Apps Reseller API

Google Apps Script

Google Big Query

Google Calendar API

Google Cloud Datastore

Google Cloud DNS

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud SDK

Google Cloud SQL

Google Cloud Storage

Google Compute Engine

Google Contacts API

Google Documents List API

Google Domain Shared Contacts API

Google Drive Platform


Google+ Domains API

Google+ Plugins

Google+ Sign-In

Google Prediction API

Google Public DNS

Google Sites Verification API

Google Sites API

Google Spreadsheets API

Google Tasks API

Google Translate API


Product Support

(*1) Only restarting Operating System after contact customers completely. (Can not make operation on system, since it is paralyzed and it needs to be restarted the Management Console) (*2) Only manage the modification.

Contact us:

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Our expert and engineer will support customers constantly.

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Available to receive your request 24/7.

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