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Google Cloud Migration


    Cloud Migration Service

    Data Migration

    In the 4.0 era, data will be centralized on the cloud computing platform. But how to migrate existing data to Datawarehouse on the Google Cloud Platform in order to:

    • Reduce data storage costs in on-premise.
    • Increase data availability
    • Efficiently exploit the amount of data available
    Infrastructure Migration

    With the knowledge and experience that has supported the successful migration for +120 customer systems to Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Ace can completely help you speed up the migration with almost 0% downtime and own the Google Cloud system.
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    Our Guarantee

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    Managed Service

    • Google certified engineers will support customers to fully operate the system on Google Cloud
    • Provide consulting support and training courses for businesses
    • 247 SLA commitment, ensuring security for businesses.

    Cloud-native capabilities

    • Applying Cloud-native architectures helps customers optimize architecture and operating costs.

    Infrastructure migrations

    • Experts from Cloud Ace support the optimal migration route to Google Cloud
    • Optimize TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the cloud computing infrastructure environment.
    • With migration tool, businesses can accelerate the migration process, achieve 0% downtime, and minimize risks.
    • The Agile Model support businesses in scaling-up or down flexibly.


    • Developing roadmap and providing best practices for GCP migration plan.
    • Deploy test demo and evaluate responsiveness capabilities on GCP.

    Data Migration

    • Support many databases types: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server.
    • Allows simultaneous migration of multiple datasets at the same time
    • Provide an intuitive interface for tracking data migration and utilization process.
    • Support “capture data change realtime” in synchronizing data stored on-premise/Cloud.

    Powerful Google Cloud services to choose from

    Compute Engine

    Let's you easily create highly scalable and VM's and is ideal for quick migrations since you can transfer your applications with little to no changes to a new VM on the cloud, for e.g. legacy systems and applications.


    App Engine

    Google Cloud's App Engine is ideal for applications and makes deploying them as easy as possible with just a few lines of shell code. It supports many languages and handles the back-end for you as it is highly scalable and offers many manages services to keep your application running smooth and available.

    Kubernetes Engine

    You can easily deploy containized applications and offers many managed functions to keep your clusters up and running. This is ideal for modern applciations e.g. microservices architecture or for applciations that are written in a language that is not supported by App Engine.

    Cloud Ace - Case Studies

    For Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SeABank), digital transformation is key to its mission of serving its diverse customer base, from individual households to large corporations, through delivering a comprehensive range of financial products and services. This is partly why SeABank has seen immense growth in recent years. In 2022, the bank had nearly one million new e-bank users To address the challenges that stemmed from its growth, SeABank turned to Google Cloud to migrate its infrastructure and adopt a hybrid cloud approach 

    Digital transformation is really a long journey, and we know that we need partners with the expertise to consult us on an effective cloud strategy. In particular, those with the skills, certification and especially experience in deployment are key to our digital strategy success. Google Cloud & Cloud Ace is helping to accelerate our ability to digitally transform our business, which will increase our competitiveness in the market, boost efficiency and customer satisfaction, and strengthen the bank's overall business performance.

    Nguyen Tuan Cuong, Deputy General Director, SeABank

    Promotion Program

    Understanding business challenges and aspiring to support businesses throughout their system transformation journey. Cloud Ace Vietnam and Google Cloud bring a program for businesses'Google Cloud Migration Program 2024'' with many special benefits:

    • Discount PoC credit up to 5.000 USD
    • Discount up to 50% first year payment cost (*)
    • Special promotion for Post Migration.
    • Voucher for deployment and professional services up to 20.000 USD.


    Always make the best effort to cultivate and develop our specialty.

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